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How Much Money Have We Saved In Frugal February?

Saving money is always top of the list but challenging yourself to a whole month of frugal living is something else altogether. Yesterday saw Frugal February come to an end and what a month it has been. While it started off rather easy, the second half of the month really tested our willpower.   The Aim Of
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Saving Money In Our First Week Of The Austere Life Challenge

It’s week two of our one-month austere lifestyle challenge and we’re already saving money. Mrs Wifey and I started last week full of hope and ambition ready to tackle any spending temptation with determination. We were ready to have our will pushed to the limit (mine especially because it’s pretty much non-existent) but we’ve both
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7 Things You Can Do To Prepare For Floods

Last weekend Northumberland was hit hard by Storm Desmond and the resulting floods. My thoughts and prayers are with everyone who has been affected.Living in a rural location is amazing most of the time but when freak weather occurs, the dream can soon become a nightmare. There are a number of things you can do
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