Chainsaws at Dawn

I was planning on writing all about bonfire night here in Kielder, but unfortunately I was stuck in hospital and missed the whole thing.  So how about some good old tree chopping?

Last week Wifey and I got to witness the skills of a tree surgeon and local forestry workers dissecting the huge cherry tree next to our house.  The tree had developed a good dose of rot and was due to fall through our living room window at the next big gust of wind so it had to come down.

A big branch comes down.
Heave Ho!

At 8:30am we were woken by the (now) familiar sound of petrol chainsaws as the surgeon scampered up the tree like a little monkey. We watched as huge limbs fell with a heavy thud (tree limbs, not surgeon limbs!) and winched when a particularly hefty branch flattened our fence.

The village school got to enjoy the downfall of Old Cherry and joined in with lots of “Oooos” and “Woaahhhhs”.

By early afternoon the tree was no more.


Firewood anyone?
Firewood anyone?






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