The Cheviot Hotel, Bellingham

After a visit to The Knitted Bible in Bellingham yesterday, Mrs Wifey and I decided we deserved a delicious lunch and headed to The Cheviot Hotel. Nestled right on the the high street of the small, yet bustling, Northumberland village, The Cheviot is the perfect place to grab a hearty meal.

Having picked a table next to the window so I could have a good neb outside, we grabbed some menus and were surprised to see such a wide range of meals available at lunch time.  Due to the rural location of Kielder, we’ve found a lot of pubs offer a basic menu for lunch due to the limited number of customers. Instead they focus their bigger menu choices for evening meals where there will be more trade.  Not at The Cheviot.


Gammon Steak at The Cheviot Hotel


Mrs Wifey picked her usual gammon steak topped with fried egg served with chips. She asked if the side salad could be exchanged for baked beans and the staff were happy to oblige. After ruling out my first pick thanks to the chef confirming there was egg in the recipe, I decided on a Northumberland sausage pannini with caramelised red onion and chips.  For drinks we both opted for orange tango.


Northumberland Sausage


When our meals arrived we were both surprised at the size of them. I was feeling peckish having not been on my feed that day but even so, I knew I had a fight on my hands if I was going to manage the entire sandwich. Mrs Wifey, who has the appetite of the world’s strongest man, was over the moon that her gammon steak could feed a family of four.

We tucked in and immediately knew we had hit gold. The food was delicious!

My sausage was cooked perfectly for me and the caramelised onions added a lovely sweet, tangy twist. I had to scrape some of them off after a while as the taste got a bit too intense for my delicate tummy. The chips were delicious. I’m quite picky with chips and I can’t stand frozen chips with a pub meal.  These were beautifully hand cut and cooked just right, not too greasy but not so dry I struggle with my weak swallowing.

Mrs Wifey thoroughly enjoyed her gammon which she said was very tasty. She wasn’t as keen on the chips as I was but she still enjoyed them. Completely out of character she even struggled to finish her meal due to the sheer amount on her plate.





Final Thoughts

The Cheviot Hotel has been added to our list of favourite local pubs due to its value for money and delicious food. Thanks to it’s great daytime menu, it’s easy to see why this pub is a firm favourite with locals and tourists alike.

Total cost of our meal:


£11.50 – gammon steak topped with eggs with chips and salad (exchanged for beans)

£4.90 – Northumberland sausauge pannini with caramalised onion and chips.

£2 – Orange tango x 2

Caters for food allergies/intolerances/differently-eating people :

Yes. Very accommodating.

Accessibility :

A couple of shallow steps into the pub from outside with a 90 degree turn into the bar with another step. I managed OK on sticks. Wheelchair ramp is available but I think it would be a struggle with the tight turn and small doorway. It would be easier to get into the restaurant and I imagine the staff would allow this during the day if needed.


The Cheviot Hotel

Bellingham, Northumberland, NE48 2AU

01434 220696

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  1. Do you allow dogs in any part of the hotel?

    Posted on December 19, 2017 at 4:26 pm