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Why I’m Using My Complex Illness To Help Others

When you have a complex illness you can spend half your life in hospital. Long and frequent inpatient stays are common, agressive and difficult treatments can be tough on your emotional wellbeing, and multiple appointments a week can be exhausting. It is hard work living with a complex illness because many doctors have very little experience
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When Someone Shows They Understand Your Chronic Illness

When a beauty party invite landed in my Facebook notification thingy last week I clicked the Going button and scribbled the details in bright red pen all over the kitchen calendar. One thing I have missed since moving to the middle of nowhere is the social side of life. Ironically I’m not a very sociable
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Writing With Spoons – How To Be A Freelance Writer With A Chronic Illness

Three years ago I was bedridden and unable to sit up on my own.  I had gone against my doctor’s advice and tried to get back into work but it didn’t go quite to plan.  Starting work as a self-employed artist I pushed my body too far trying to get my business off the ground. 
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