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Getting My New Wheelchair

A year ago I was speeding through the forest, racing through puddles and loving the freedom of moving all by myself in a super duper wheelchair . I was road testing a very special powered wheelchair called the Dragon from Dragonmobility. My condition had deteriorated enough that I was no longer comfortable on my scooter and
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A Visit To Calvert Trust

Last week, Mrs Wifey and I visited Calvert Trust in order to give my wobbly bones some good old hydrotherapy. Calvert Trust specialises in offering accessible holidays and activities and is located right next to Kielder reservoir which is ideal for me when I need some good old water-based physio. Swimming is great for building
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When Someone Shows They Understand Your Chronic Illness

When a beauty party invite landed in my Facebook notification thingy last week I clicked the Going button and scribbled the details in bright red pen all over the kitchen calendar. One thing I have missed since moving to the middle of nowhere is the social side of life. Ironically I’m not a very sociable
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